Dine At Zia Lucia In Aldgate

Awarded best Pizza in London, Zia Lucia in Aldgate brings the highest quality food and offers it at the most affordable prices. Visit Zia Lucia and indulge in some of the best pizzas in Aldgate East, made from a variety of Italian 48-hour slow fermented doughs.

There are different types of dough to choose from, ranging from their traditional pizza dough all the way to a vegetable charcoal dough, each pizza is cooked to perfection in their large hand crafted oven to ensure that there is a pizza for everyones taste buds. Gluten free dough is also available.

Alongside a freshly baked pizza, you will find a dessert menu to die for plus creamy burratas, chilled beers, Italian wines and great cocktails.

Come and visit Zia Lucia in Aldgate:

Zia Lucia
12 Piazza Walk
London E1 8ZH
+44 (0)20 3883 8286