Discover Our Aldgate Shopping Centre

At the heart of E1 in Aldgate is Goodman’s Fields, the new destination for grocery shopping, leisure, food and drink. If you live, or work, in the area we have three options for grocery shopping for you. Firstly we have Amazon Fresh with its ‘Just Walk Out’ technology providing the most convenient of shopping trips with no long queues to navigate. Then we have the trusted brand Sainsbury’s to provide you with household favourites and Tian Tian Market that provides you with exciting East and South-east Asian foods and drinks – so we have all you culinary needs catered for here at Goodman’s Fields! Also, why not team the weekly shop with a meal and drinks at one of our many restaurants, bars and cafes afterwards.

Amazon Fresh Aldgate East

We are delighted to introduce Amazon Fresh to our Goodman’s Fields development. This grocery store offers everyday essentials at competitive prices, and it really focuses on ‘convenience’. The store is powered by Just Walk Out Technology, that allows you to do just that without the hassle of queuing at checkouts. This technology detects when you have taken items from the shelves and placed them in your basket and you are automatically charged by your Amazon account when you leave the store.

To experience this new technology you will just need an Amazon account and their mobile app. You tap the basket icon and click ‘Fresh Code’ which generates a QR code for you to scan as you enter the store and that’s it. Your phone can now be placed back in your pocket and once you’ve finished shopping and you are free to go. No queuing, waiting or checking items required, making what is a mundane task a more efficient and enjoyable experience. So why not visit Amazon Fresh in Aldgate on your way home from work and have dinner on the table in no time!

Sainsbury’s Aldgate

A firm favourite when it comes to grocery shopping due to its strong brand heritage and reputation for quality, variety and value. This large store offers you much more than a great range of quality groceries, but you can also browse their affordable clothing range by Tu, alongside everyday homewares and electrical items all competitively priced. The store is conveniently located close to Aldgate East Station making it a convenient stop off whilst you are going about your busy day.

Tian Tian Market Aldgate

For a more East and South-east Asian culinary shopping experience visit Tian Tian in Aldgate with its stylish and minimal Japanese inspired interior. Founded in 2016 Tian Tian due to their popularity have begun an expansion programme and now have three stores across London and we are fortunate to have our very own Tian Tian at Goodman’s Fields. They are committed to offering a premium quality of traditional and trending street food to their customers. So if you need inspiration and authentic fresh ingredients for some East/South-east Asian cuisine, head on down to Goodman’s Fields and impress your dinner guests!

Our Aldgate stores are new buildings and provide easy access for wheelchair users and those people with accessibility challenges. Goodman’s Fields has been designed with accessibility in mind and we are keen to ensure everyone can enjoy our shops, bars, restaurants and green spaces.

If you’re visiting London and want to take in the sights then Tower Bridge is only a 10 minute walk from Goodman’s Fields. Tower Hill is also a short walk and those working in the City will find it is a short walk to the financial centre. The lively and fun areas of Shoreditch, the Docks and Brick Lane with their range of great shopping and bars are also nearby too.

Step 1: you will need to open an Amazon account at Amazon.com

Step 2: download the Amazon App

Step 3: as you enter the store you will need to open the Amazon App and tap the basket icon and click ‘Fresh Code’. This will generate a QR code for you to scan as you enter the store.

Step 4: You no longer need you phone and are free to shop, placing items in your basket. The advanced technology will detect what items you have removed from the shelf and will charge your Amazon account when you leave the store accordingly. No more queuing and paying at the cashier required. For more information visit AmazonFresh.com